search for documentation


I am looking for a manual that details the functions:

  • TC_FindMckDivisor()
  • TC_Configure()
  • TC_SetRC()
  • TC_Start()
  • TC_xxx

I find information everywhere but not official documentation.

It's for an Arduino DUE SAM3X8E

Thank's for your response.

Very nice ! cool!

Thank's Nicolas.

Thank you again.

I just saw that I also have this source in the directories on my machine (C: \ Users \ ... \ AppData \ Local \ Arduino15 \ packages \ arduino \ hardware \ sam \ 1.6.11 \ system \ libsam).

I now know where to look for the things I miss.

Another question :
For functions TC_SetRA, TC_SetRB and TC_SetRC, what does RA, RB and RC mean?

Register A, Register B, Register C? (just to understand)


Sorry, i found the response myself.