Search for member by name

G'day forum peeps,

Prior to the site upgrade there was a link to search for members. I can't find it now.

If (member search is still available) {
can someone tell me where it is please
else {
can the webmaster please put it back

I thought there was a way from the Index and then Stats down at the bottom, but I can't see a way to get there.

Just what is is you want to search for?

If I put your "handle" (or part of it) into the search bar, I get your recent posts, if I open one I can click on your name and get whatever information is available on you and a more didactic list of your posts.

At the bottom of the main forum page, there is a section for statistics. In the top box, is a More Stats link. On that page, in the top left box, Total Members is followed by a number. That number is a link to: where you can see all the members, and sort and search to you heart's content.

Ah, thanks Paul. That's the exact list that used to be accessible from one click somewhere up at the top.