search not working correctly?

I tried searching for “theremin” but found nothing. However, I was certain there was at least one topic about theremins. Google is able to find it:
and another one:

Is this caused by the forum troubles some time ago?

I was thinking the same thing a while ago…

After asking Mellis the same thing, I think the answer is that it is working correctly, but my suspicion is that there is some code that limits the age of the results. I’m thinking this for two reasons:

  1. If you search for Theremin now, your post comes up, but not the older ones; and
  2. there’s some suspicious looking code in the file that comes with Yabb, referring to forum age etc. Maybe someone who knows their perl could look at it?


The default search box in the upper-right corner of the forum pages seems to act a bit funny. I think it uses the default search settings which, AFAICT, only looks for posts in the last week. If you click on the search button instead, you’ll get an advanced search form where you can specify the age of posts to look for. I’ve looked for a way to change the behavior of the search box, but haven’t found one in the forum settings. Maybe I should just try to remove that search box and force people to use the advanced form? I’ll try to search for more info on getting YaBB to behave.


it seems that the top right search button connects to

and in the file there is a routine called

“sub plushSearch2”
followed by some forum age calculating code…

I’m not a good enough coder to figure it out quickly, but that seems to be it.