Search of simple led and driver IC for white led stripe

My aim is to build an autonomus serial stripe of 10 to 15 leds with about 0.5 m wire between. I need only white leds individually switched in a cycle period of 1 second. The switching should be done with a digital signal. It will be controlled by an arduino mkr1000. The energy for arduino and leds delivers a li poly battery.

Now my question: What kind of led and driver IC’s shoul I use? I would prefer a serial led connection with 3 wires. The package of led controller and led should be very small.

Thanks David

The MKR1000 appears to have enough IO to drive 10 to 15 LEDs. Not much current tho. So buffer the outputs.
Use two of cd74AC540 powered from battery, with current limit resistor for each LED to control max brightness and PWM to the OE/ signal for overall dimming.

High out from MKR1000 is converted to a Low out to sink current from a LED. All anodes are connected in parallel to the battery +.
Or use cd74AC541 if you want a High out to each resistor to an anode, and the cathodes all connected in parallel to the battery -/Gnd.