Search the forum posts

Good day,
I am new to this forum and I am struggling finding answers.
The Search option I see is the "Search on" and it feels that it does way is says :confused: .
How can I search the Forum pages (of even better the Topic on the Forum) only? I have a challenge to burn a bootloader on a Uno and want to find posts about this subject.

Thanks in advance.

The search option does search the forum

If you want to do a search using Google explicitly try searching for a term like this in your browser “bootloader”

If you type your search query into that "Search on" field and press the "Enter" key, you'll be taken to a page of search results that has tabs to select which part of the site you want to apply your search to. That includes the forum. Once you select the forum tab, you'll see menus on the left side of the screen that allow you to further narrow your search to a forum category or board if you like.

This gives you a bit more control than the Google search can provide, though Google has its own unique useful features as well.

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