Search WIFI for device MAC adresses with arduino & ESP8266??

Hi there. I am finished with an idea i had a year ago now, and are looking to make it a little more advanced now.
I have made a program that constantly PINGs an IP adress on my home network, and reports if the device is found or not with a led diode.

The reason for this is because i want to know if my neighbor is home or not, so i can play loud on my stereo when the light is green.
This is not a surveillance project but an friendly guesture between me and my neighbor.
He also has one that looks for my phones IP.

This works great, but to use it, the IP has to be set static by the router, and this is not a task for anyone who could have use for a device like this.

So now i wonder if its possible to search for a device MAC adress on a network instead, with arduino and ESP8266 WIFI module?

Please let me know if anyone has an idea on how to, or if there is a other solution to this :slight_smile:
Best regards, E

Perhaps you could do things different, you could have the device that is in your neighbor connecting to you via socket tcp or http GET method saying "I'm here alive and my owner is at home" and base on this info light the LED.Same thing for your device at home.This way you put a dynamic ip in every device and the "talk" arrives to you since you are the server.You could even expose that socket ip to the web and put a dyndns service updating and put more devices anywhere in the globe speaking with you ...

Thanks for the reply HugoPT

Basicly my concept is that "My arduino" is connected to neighbors wifi, and requests his mobilephone's IP.

What i understood now is;
"neighbors arduino" detects if he's mobile device is home(how?), and sends this info trough internet to "my arduino" that lights up?

As my user here, i'm a newbie to this networking equipment regarding arduino.
Can you explain more spesified what you mean?
Do you have some more detailed explenation/information on how i can get started with this idea?

Ardued, did you ever solve this? I'd like to do the same to detect who is home so that i can automate stuff based on who is present. Would be great to know if yoy did.