searching example for 2.8" TFT Touch Shield

Hi all !

Could you please point me to example of code/pde or projects using the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield (I bought one from adafruit/ladyada.

I've been searching around for some nice example to get inspiration. But I haven't found the one that makes everything cristal clear in my confused beginner mind.

Too many thanks in advance !


PS: until now the one that really impress me is scooterputer but I need to digg in his code to understand it all. PS2: my main project objective will be to display informations and put some interaction with click-buttons.

I would like to know this as well, Ive got a 2.8 TFT touch lcd shield for a uno, plugged into a mega, and I have dug into Scooterputer's code and My old brain just cant cope! :( Looking to create a similar looking screen with touch control, for a gas turbine (look for my post) cheers!

Seems there are not alot of these around. My progress is slow.

I made a control thing for my car with one with pages and buttons, real nice, except I don't know where I saved the code : / adafruits touch screen has a nice library where I got all my code from, simple commands like tft.drawrect(10,10,10 it even had touchscreen library and you basically just map the touch screen to display size and works perfect

Well I know straight away you had a much smoother learning curve with that library than I did, I struggled:( Any chance you can find that code? I am willing to take any help, and if I ever get a great leg up with a big chunk of code in my project (its huge) I am very generous:) I am THINKING of putting up a new forum topic, asking anyone gifted to program my code for me, most of it, for a wad of cash. ( talking 2 or 3 hundred bux) See my gas turbine post. Baby steps for me at the moment, It takes time, something I am not rich in, and im 40, so my brain is getting fuzzy lol. I only found Ardruino about 3 months ago. 5 years too late.


I wish I had it, id like to make some tweaks but I lost it my thumbdrive somwheree, and Im still searching for it, because it took maybe 3 hours to really get the hang of it, that hang I know lost : (

if you get arduino IDE antipasto, I believe it has an image uploader in it, you may be able to suck up the code out of the unit?