Searching for a low RPM high torque electric motor


I'm looking for 2 12 Volt DC electric motors for use in a university design project. The motors will drive a device of 20 kg up a 20 degree incline on grass with 2WD. The motors will be connected directly to the two front wheels (200mm diameter) and based on my calculations need to have a torque of 4.5 Nm and a RPM of 90 ish in order to travel at 1 m/s. I have looked around for a long time but i cant find anything like this anywhere.
Could you please advise me on this?



Is the 1 m/s a requirement?
In any case, search for geared DC motors.

Plenty of them on Ebay.

I recommend you stepper motors, they are very strong and precise, the only problem is that it is quite expensive, and bit harder to control than normal motors.