Searching for a tft lcd display on DUE

Hi guys,

I repost this here since the display section didn't really helped me the way I wanted :slight_smile:

I need to get advices from you. I am currently working on a project that needs an lcd screen with a reasonable resolution (something like 500x500 or so). I don't really need it to be a touchscreen, just to be big enough to display a lot of infos (5" would be perfect). The problem is that I only have 1 month and a half to work on it so I'd like to find a screen with a good library for the DUE and as easy as possible to connect with it in order to save as much time as I can.

I looked for topics and searched online for the perfect display but couldn't find it so maybe one of you has experience on the DUE paired with an lcd display.
I did memorize few displays such as FT813, CLEO50 and stuff but didn't really find anything to ensure myself buying it and seeing the price of these I'd rather take my time asking!

Thank you for your time.

I didn't try myself but this topic might help you to choose a 7' TFT LCD display for a DUE (see reply #13):