Searching for an electronic circuit simulator

Hi everybody,

I am currently searching for an electronic circuit simulator. There are a lot of different programs already on the market, for example LTspice, ngspice (open source) and so on.

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Continuing my first post...

In my case, we want to use it for an professional electronic course for kids. They should be able to "program/write" their desired circuit (resistors, leds, ...) and test it with a simulator. Once it works, they can proceed with soldering it in real.

So, programs like spice would be far too complicated. I found a nice program, called "Logical Circuit" ( It looks managable and one can see something working in the simulation (try the leds), but it concerns only logical elements. Thus, I am searching for a program, which would be a mixture of spice and this logical circuit.

Does somebody in here maybe have some suggestions or can give me some hints, where I could search?

I appreciate your help a lot!

:-) murcsack

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Check out Crocodile-Clips. I just checked their website and it looks like they have changed their name and productline-up but they used to have a kids version of their software.

Their website: I think this is their most basic software

Thanks a lot, Chronoless!

Your suggestion suit us a lot. That is really what we were looking for. We will try that out. If you or somebody else has an open-source suggestion, please come forward!

I have found the following useful sometimes when ngspice is just to much and to complicated.

I was amazed finding that one and it is free for home users. They have PIC simulator probably we should help/give or give them the Idea to build arduino simulator and later export the simulated program to a sketch.

Great i feel like child who got his first RC car -> big eyes and dropped jaw pressing buttons and watching things happen :-D

Cheerz, Guby