Searching for Genetic Algorithm library

Hello guys, any good and easy understand Genetic Algorithm library is recommended? Need it for my project use >.< Thanks in advance.

I don’t know of any Arduino library for this - google gives plenty of code ideas tho.

I would guess, how are any algorithm functions would be very specific to the application , so can’t see how any generic library could work ( but could be wrong ). What are you trying to do ?

If you are wanting to use a genetic algorithm to find better solutions to a problem within a large solution domain, a 16MHz 8-bit single core processor with a tiny amount of ram memory does not seem like the ideal tool for the job!

Here's a nice scholarly paper on the subject, with example code:

Implementing Genetic Algorithms on Arduino Micro-Controllers Nuno Alves (Submitted on 10 Feb 2010)


Since their conception in 1975, Genetic Algorithms have been an extremely popular approach to find exact or approximate solutions to optimization and search problems. Over the last years there has been an enhanced interest in the field with related techniques, such as grammatical evolution, being developed. Unfortunately, work on developing genetic optimizations for low-end embedded architectures hasn't embraced the same enthusiasm. This short paper tackles that situation by demonstrating how genetic algorithms can be implemented in Arduino Duemilanove, a 16 MHz open-source micro-controller, with limited computation power and storage resources. As part of this short paper, the libraries used in this implementation are released into the public domain under a GPL license.

johnwasser: Implementing Genetic Algorithms on Arduino Micro-Controllers

Well, stone the crows!

I would have suggested a Spark cluster with hundreds of 32-bit processor cores...