Searching for help to build and develop a project


I'm looking for someone that has experience and knowledge in building and developing Arduino projects. I will of course pay for the work. I have been in contact with PLC-engineers, and they recommended me to try the Arduino-field, because PLC is very expensive and probably far too advanced for this type of project. (?)

This is the case:

I have bought an old pastry-cream machine/ice-cream machine (Carpigiani) that is controlled electromechanical. My wish is to make this machine more advanced by controlling it with an Arduino, so i can make my own programs and adjustments. I need help with what parts to choose and programming. I think I'll manage the wiring.

The machine (from 1983) is originally controlled by an electromechanical timer and four bi-metallic thermostats:

  • One for pasteurization
  • A safety thermostat (up to 120 Celcius)
  • A cooling/refrigeration thermostat
  • A conservation thermostat
    (- there is also a thermostat (?) for the defroster (?) for the refrigeration compressor

The heating, cooling, and fast/slow stirring/agitation is controlled by contactors (four of them).
Every contactor handles a high current of 230 Volts 3 Phases, the other electronics are 230 Volts 1 Phase.

My question is then: will it be possible to have a Arduino-board with a relay-board to control the contactors? The Arduino must also have a temperature sensor, preferably a thermocouple-board (?), and a screen/display for showing information and choosing programs/values. Maybe a touchscreen or a LCD with a keypad. It would also be nice to have it controlled by PID, rather than on/off thermostat.

The settings must be something like:

  • Heating with timer control (how long to keep at set temperature)
  • Cooling (how long to keep at set temperature)
  • Fast or slow agitation, pulsing agitation, alternately mixing.

I will attach a link for the schematics for the machine. I also have the manual for how the new machines are build, that are controlled digital.
Link to shared folder OneDrive:

If you are interested in this project, please contact me. I live in Norway.

Here are some links for inspiration (similar machines):

Thanks in advance!

Simen Nilsen

Very nice project.

For something like this the location is important as this isn't a project that
can be done remotely it seems to me...

I can perhaps help you. Control systems is something i have quite a lot of experience in. Controlling environmental systems and monitoring them as well as machine control.

Have a quick look at me website and drop me an email if you think i have the skills you are looking for.

Cheers Pete.