Searching for slow dc motor

I'm trying to make a rotating backlit base for a spherical lithophane. my first prototype uses a 3 volt 5 RPM Motor which is perfect except it's so loud!

few other Motors even go down that slow. I did find something comparable inside a rotating crystal display stand that I found on Amazon, but it has no markings by which to look it up. The closest comparable thing I found is on AliExpress and would take up to 3 months to ship the parts here... Longer than I'd like to wait to prototype my design.

I would use a stepper motor, but they draw SO much power and also require a nano and driver. It seems too complicated.

I feel like I'm missing an obvious solution... Or maybe there's just no market for what I'm after and it will, in fact, have to come from China.

If You would use mains there are syncronous motors being more sulent.

I found a lot of them on eBay. try this link: 25mm 3V DC 5RPM High Torque Electric Gear Box Motor | eBay I used this search term on google and got a lot of hits: "3V gear motor 5 RPM -site:amazon.*" I hope this helps, it looks like a nice project. I do not know the mechanical limitations as you did not post them.

With a gear box the motor speed can be reduced to any amount. Combined motor+gear box are easy to use, but both parts can be acquired separately as well.

Have you considered the seconds movement of a clock? I'm sure you can pick up an old wind up clock and adapt it - might even add to the interest?

Geared down DC motors are common indeed. Any rpm you want, basically.

If you find an old microwave there's a little motor in the bottom that rotates the tray. Should be about 5 rpm. Noise level may differ between makes and models, so try it out, and of course they run off mains.

Pololu has an excellent selection of gearbox motors. These Micro Metal motors are very quiet. RPM depends on the gear ratio and is in addition proportional to the power supply voltage.

My prototype currently includes the micro pololu 5rpm reduction type. The size is great, but the loud whining motor is a deal breaker for this ornamental piece. Most micro motors like this with the builtin gear box only go down to 35rpm. I would need to reduce that further with by 3D printing gears and I'm not sure my print resolution can go that detailed. Although I suppose gear kits already exist.

I had also considered a second hand from a clock mechanism, but I wondered about its torque to move the whole globe.

I really like the rusticity of a wind-up concept!

I have one of Pololu's 1000:1 micro metal motors, which rotates a small sculpture hanging from a thrust bearing. It is absolutely inaudible when running at 1.5V and about 3 RPM.

Perhaps your mounting arrangement is somehow resonant and amplifying the vibrations.

Synchronous motors as Railroader suggested are also available in low voltage i.e. 12v ac

The 220v ac versions of these (same wattage) are used in microwave ovens to haul large plates of whatever food around so plenty of torque.

Whow! Only seen them in ready stuff like lamps powered by mains.
They are usually very silent.

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