Searching for the right rf application for my Arduino Uno

Hello all, I am new to the Arduino community and I have a project that I would like to try and build. I think I would like to purchase some sort of 315MHz Momentary Type device, similar to the one here Simple RF M4 Receiver - 315MHz Momentary Type : ID 1096 : $4.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. My issue is that I want to hook it up to my Arduino Uno and use 3 different key fobs that would each send their own binary signal, the standard 1 or 0. I am thinking of a simple bean counter where my Arduino would know button 1 was pressed, button 2 was pressed, and button 3 was or wasn’t (or whatever, you get the picture). The Arduino would be hooked up to my laptop and I’m wondering if I could do this project with just the Arduino, my laptop, a usb connection, a receiver and 3 transmitters (no bread boards and other stuff). Am I looking in the direction or is there another way to go about this? Thanks.