Searching for Tiny Linear Actuator

Hi Everyone

I'm searching for the smallest possible linear actuator which will meet my requirements:

~ 3.5 mm displacement & ~ 10N force

It's for a haptic feedback device, but to get a better idea of what I'm looking for, imagine something which is just strong enough and has just enough travel to push down a key on a chiclet keyboard. Its probably also fine if its a bit smaller.

All I seem to find are piezo-micro actuators, which usually do not have enough force or displacement, or actuators which are way overkill for my application. I could probably use one of the micro servos people use on model planes, like this one:

I'm curious to see if anyone knows of any other options.



How about a stepper from a cd rom drive (click) ?

Link leads to one of many instruction videos available, not to a source of a product.
But everybody has a few old drives around, don't they ?

There was a link posted on this forum a few months ago, to an ebay listing with really tiny linear screw actuators. I don't know about 10N but they would probably go close.

I can't find the original posting. (I did find at least one other project similar to yours.) But I bought some of them so I have the original link from ebay.

Yes, that is $1.80 for ten of them.

But I bought some of them so I have the original link from ebay.

Can you post the link or key words to use in an ebay search?

Click the pic.

You won't get 10N out of that little device! 10N is 1 kg force, a leadscrew is probably needed, but
a somewhat larger stepper motor will be needed.

For instance this one is 20mm diameter and 30N:

You are unlikely to find something much smaller as torque depends on motor volume. Its rather
specialised kind of motor - perhaps look for old floppy disc drives, the linear drive in those is
a fair bit chunkier than modern DVD drive hardware.