Searching graphic I2C-Display

Hi Guys!

First - sorry for my bad english. Hope you help me nevertheless :blush:

I'm searching an graphic display for my Arduino. The display should be mounted on a motorcycle and about 1.5 meters (59") away from the Arduino. So a display with I2C-Bus would be perfect.

It should be about 6x6cm (2.4"x2.4") tall.

Is there any display you would recommend? eBay HongKong/US/GB is no problem!


Greetings from Germany! Morris

Maybe the DOGXL160 could be an option: However, only supports 4-wire SPI at the moment.


I've been using a 0.96" i2c oled display in a few of my projects with great success. It uses the Adafruit graphics library.



Today I searched on ebay. Found this interface.

And those displays: - blue background, white font

And one with I2C onboard

What is your opinion about the i2c-interface in combination with one of the first two displays? Anybody here who knows them? What Display would be best to read outside in the sun?


Greetings Morris