Searching in csv file via date field

hi guys i have file.csv file in SD card and file.csv contain e several fields as : Date time1 time2 time3 20/5/2010 12:15 1:30 3:50 25/4/2011 1:10 2:45 8:12 28/3/2011 9:30 10:20 11:15

my Question is how i can do search via Date field if result find out it will print it to printin("time1") printin("time2") printin("time3")

lets me explain more if i search 28/3/2011 i will get printin("9:30") printin("10:20") printin("11:15")

if there are on other method please explain for me

i will appreciate your cooperation Thank

i have file.csv file in SD card

And some code for reading that file?

Thank you for your replay my dear im new in Arduino and my background is weak i need your help please support your answer with small example if possible

No body knows =( No body has similar idea ?