Searching: IR Temp Sensor with bus and small spot

Hi everyone
I’m searching hard for a IR temperature sensor which can get me the temperatur of a small spot in about 50cm distance.

Actually, I want to have 12 of such sensors in 5cm side by side. These 12 sensors shoud measure the temperature at a distance of about 30-50cm. In order they don’t get all the same temperature, the measured spot should be small ( < 5cm).

To work with 12 sensors and Arduino, they should be working with any sort of bus. Otherwise, I would need about 36 input pins.

Does anybody has a solution for me before I get mad? :wink:


Panasonic Grid-eye?

This Grid-Eye sounds very interesting. I can't find any shop which sell this. Can you help me to find a shop?


Thanks alot. Unfortunately, I've seen that this sensor is just up to 100° Celsius. I need one with at least up to 120° Celsius. :(

So, the search goes further.

No, I found the right one (I hope...). The Melexis MLX90621.


i use the Melexix 90614 with a fov of 5 grad. It Works great.

This sensor can you order for 5 or 3.3 Volt

Hi Juergen Thanks for this. Sounds also perfect. I will give a try to the 90621. If this won't work, I try with the 90614. The interesting thing about the 90621 is, I need just 1 sensor instead of 3.

Thanks, Stefan