Searching Post Changed??!!!

Well, as to the new forum, its blazing fast.

However, the search for the forum became a google search. An improvement? Better search.

Which means the old way where it displayed the post except it should be refrained to just showing the forum subject. (for fastness)

Before it was just searching the forum, but now we have to sift through the entire website, make them separate please.

Im not sure if anyone else is as paranoid as me. :P

Well, if I use the new search function with the words “paranoid as me”, your posts shows up as #1 on the list :wink:

I’m sure they’ll find a way to tweak it.

Actually, your post shows up number one (your quotation) . Haha. I'm sure they could add some functionality into the search. ;D

Wow…6 pages of results for “Paranoid as me”… And this will add another result :P.

the google search was up yesterday, just to credit whomever did it

Although Google does a fast job of searching, there are a number of things about it as a search tool in the forum that I don't care for. Since these are the days for voicing suggestions for improvements to this system, I thought I would mention a few, and see if anyone else has ideas.

  • Once you get search results, you are on a Google page, and no longer in

This means the user has a context switch to make, since all of the forum UI conventions are gone. In fact, you have to use the BACK button in your browser to return to the forum. This is annoying although not catastrophic.

It might be better if the search results were generated in a new tab or window instead of replacing the current one.

  • Printer-friendly pages are included in the search results

These are not really useful in search results, as they just duplicate other search hits from the keywords. I assume that whenever someone formats a page for printing, that it is retained and then indexed? Could they be excluded?

  • You lose all forum hierarchy in search results.

It is useful when sifting through search results, to know in which forum category and sub-category the hit is located. You can probably figure it out by looking at the actual URL of the result, but this is cumbersome.

And really, you'd want to be able to sort the results by forum category so you could discard whole groups of results if a too-general search keyword got hits in many categories. Many forum search tools allow you to restrict the results to specific categories and sub-fora.

Although making fixes to some of these things might improve the searching, in my opinion the entire forum would be a smoother user experience with phpBB instead of YaBB, for example.