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I'm a spanish engineering student and I am really interested in Arduino, though I haven't worked with it yet, I'm taking a course next September. Next year (Sptember 2014 or January 2015) I will do my Final Degree Project and I would like to base it on Arduino. I don't have lots of ideas yet, but I still have time to think about it ;). Actually, I was thinking on doing my project abroad (somewhere in Europe) and having the opportunity to work with arduino will be perfect. Do you know any easy way to get this kind of information? I would take an Erasmus programme and I'm supposed to look for an "enterprise" in where do this project. This "enterprise" could be a company, a university or any other type of "place where people work". Can any of you give me advice? If only you could tell me how to begin...

Thank you very much!!

Electric Engineer or Software Engineer?

In Spain is called “industrial engineer” and it’s related to multiple engineering fields such as mechanics, electricity, production, electronics, environment, energy and so on, but my specialisation is electronic and automatic systems. To sum up, I’m like an electronical engineer that also could work as mechanical or electrical engineer (for example) :wink:

In the Netherlands ASML might be a company for you, see - - It employes 8000+ High Tech Engineers in various disciplines. Another place to check in the Netherlands is - -

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