Searching the Forum for the problem you're having

Is there any way to search through the forum itself for a particular issue without scrolling through all the pages? I'm looking for help on implementation of ADXL345. Thanks.


To search the whole forum I use google advanced search.

This allows other criteria to be set up, like "last year only" etc.

And also multiple search terms. So,

[ADXL345 nodeMCU site:](http://ADXL345 nodeMCU site:

Gets only 32 hits.

To quickly do a direct search it's like this:

[ADXL345 site:](http://ADXL345 site:

...that gets about 2500 hits!

On PCs, there is a magnifying glass at the right hand top of the page. Click it and a textbox opens where you can type your search criteria. Press after that.

On a mobile, click the menu (3 horizontal bars) and the search textbox will show.

The search uses google, but specific to the Arduino forum website.