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Hi all

Does a search (from the box at the top right corner of the page) search inside the code quotes that are used when code is attached to the post or is it only possible to search for pure text?

I ask, as while searching for information about compound assignments [keyCode =] I got results about keycode but not any examples of where the "=" the x * y element had been used.

It would be REALLY helpful to be able to search inside code examples. The Arduino Forum is an excellent resource, especially for noobs like me and practical examples with detailed comments that demonstrate the methods of achieving an objective aid both the learning and the overall understanding processes.

The forum search doesn't work very well. Have you tried Google (using a site search)?

Yes, the search box above takes you to a site search of or the web.

Further testing seems to indicate that this problem might be because the search phrase used includes symbols or words that google has in a stop word list rather than not searching inside the code text.

The result is the same, the search phrase isn’t found.

To illustrate how I’m trying to use the facility; [count++] is a good example.

I tried searching how count++ was used to check my syntax when having problems with the line;

[for (count = 0; count <= 4; count++);]

An lcd.print was showing that the ++ wasn’t happening, but [count++;] when used on it’s own was working fine, but obviously going beyond “4”

The search showed 1710 hits, but only 2 of the first page had the ++ element and they were not enboldened to show that google had picked them up in the search…

I do realise that anyone who actually knows what they are doing might not be following this same troubleshooting methodology :slight_smile:

I’m :-[. I didn’t realize the Arduino folks changed the search to use Google when they migrated to the new server. (Thank you!)

Yeah, the asterisk character and the addition character are problems for Google. There is a description here…

I couldn’t find any way to escape the characters and quoting doesn’t seem to help. Bummer.

Well for me putting this in the search box seems to work:



@ coding badly
No problem, thanks for the link and for looking

Thanks for that too, that does it! What also seems to work is enclosing in square brackets, [count++]

There are still somes earch expressions that cannot be found; “<=” etc and “{”

According to the google link, the use of the + symbol is to;

“Search exactly as is (+)”


“Putting double quotes around a single word will do the same thing.”

Is there a FAQ about searching somewhere? Including this info might help close the gap between “discovery learning” and “spoon feeding”

my problem detailed above seems to be with my {} placement!