Seasoned arduino user with Maxuino concerns!!

Hi there,

I have been using and running workshops with arduino for years. I used to use Maxuino 005 with the old firmata - really simple, worked great.

I decided to give the new Maxuino a spin today for a Max workshop coming up.. and I was really disappointed with it.. I mean, the features are great - M4L and OSC support - great ideas. I would like to keep up to date but I just don't think I can use it. I would like to hear everyone else's opinions and would love some help/response form the Maxuino guys!!

Firstly, i had to move the .maxpat files to the support folder in order for the example to find the subpatches, which is someone beginners would not be able to work out and they do not mention on their walkthrough.

Secondly, the interface is really daunting for beginners.. in v005, it was all there in the patch and I could copy and paste bits and explain it to students in minutes. Now, it is much more disjointed. Having a toggle for each individual pin, for example, just really clicks with people learning for the first time.

Thirdly - Try as I might, I just can't get it to work with the firmata included in Arduino 1.0. I know what I'm doing and I just couldn't get it to work. Would like to know why.

I think what Maxuino provides is amazing and I take my hat off to the guys that do it, I just want to voice my concern for the current version!! Please let me know your experiences!