Seattle Tacoma Users Group (Kitsap County too!)

A group of us met in Tacoma a few weks ago. I'm starting a new thread to try to drive attendance to our second meeting.

Are you guys going to be ready to meet again on the Sunday after next? I've revised my robot a ton an I'd like to solicit some feedback on what to do with the extra space I've created on the chassis. I've gone about every direction you can with a PING and the odds and ends I had laying around. Chase the kids, run from the kids, chase a flashlight, run......etc. It's time for revision 3.0!

I'd also like to take a peek at some of the code jeffonfire was tinkering with (line following bot shield, LCD shield) and see if leo-pan has been able to kick off his 4 rotor AUV build. In addition, J promised to provide us with some physical evidence that he is an official nerd.

Later, Rob

(Rob you probably got my email, I suggested 2 Saturday a month meetings, what do you think about that? ) Anyway, To all you people on the outside we can teach beginner soldering, Arduino, and Eagle CAD classes for anyone interested. :D

Every other Saturday would be fine with me. If possible I'd like to keep them mid to late morning so that I won't conflict with any family plans this summer.

I have a few extra soldering irons and I buy solder in bulk so I'd be willing to help with a soldering clinic. How about $15 for materials and you will walk away with a (hopefully) working RBBB or BBB (Arduinoo clones) from Modern Device. This would cover the cost of the boards and shipping. *If the parts cost less due to qty the class will be less. Any interest let me know and we can set a date and coordinate an order.

We shooting for this Saturday or the following Saturday as the official first every other Saturday?

Ops! I think you misunderstood what I wrote. When I said 2 Saturday every month, I meant once a month on the second Saturday. I chose that because I am at home on those dates this summer, I will be traveling for alot of the summer and that was the one weekend that was open all summer for me.
So those dates would be:
june 12
july 10
august 14 … and so forth

So, does that work for you/do you like those dates? If we wanted to do a mid month even we could do that also but twice a month official meetings seem a little over-frequent.

That works for me.

Hey! We have a website up, check it out at:

Hey, The next meeting is coming up on the 12th. If you want to come please RSVP(Private message or and I will get you directions!

Hey guys.. This looks like fun. I joined your facebook group. Looks like you're meeting this Saturday. I won't be able to make it to that meet, but man would I love to. :) Definitely next month.

We've been tinkering with the sumobots for a few meetings but don't feel like you need a robot or an interest in robotics to come. Just be recognized by your peers as having nerd like qualities.There are always other Arduino projects going on as well. I'll be bringing a few Jee nodes to tinker with and show off the magic of the dirt cheap RF12!

Hey guys, I live reasonably close and would love to come to the meeting tomorrow. Where do u guys meet?

Pete put his email address in one of the posts above. We meet at his place. Shoot him an email for directions.

My sumobot has been training and it's going to be ugly. I've had him pushing a cinder block around the neighborhood 4 hours a day! :)