Second serial port on Lilypad?

I have two Lilypads (with the Atmel 328 chip) that I wish to interface through the appropriate shields (which I have) to XBees. At the same time, I want to debug through the main Arduino serial port, which is on pin 0 & 1. This means I can’t interface to the XBee through that port. Assuming the Lilypad has another serial port, how do I wire it up, and how do I interface with it in software?

Mind, I am not having problems on the XBee side, I need to know about the Lilypad’s second serial port, if it has one.


Lilypad has only 1 hardware serial port. You can effect a 2nd (slower) port using NewSoft Serial.

Or you can add a part such as MAX3100 to achieve a 2nd hardware serial port via SPI commands to/from the MAX3100. Available in a nice friendly 14-pin DIP package also. and an application note