Secret.h proplem

I'm new so please excuse my ignorance. I'm using an Mkr1400 gms board and Arduino IDE 18.4 ver.
I'm only trying to get the board to receive an SMS message and reply back.
In the sketch it asks for

< /* MKR GSM 1400 */
#if defined(BOARD_HAS_GSM)
#define SECRET_PIN "your pin"
#define SECRET_APN "your APN"
#define SECRET_LOGIN "your login"
#define SECRET_PASS "your password"
#endif />
what or where do I find the correct information for Pin, APN, and is the LOGIN my ardunio cc information login and password ? if so then that I have. The other PIN and APN information I'm not sure what to put there.

I believe this is the only thing stopping my board from communicating with my IoT account with Arduino cc. I do have a webhook set up as well.

after I'm able to communicate with the Mkr1400 I plan to control other things with it remotely but first things first.

I've never worked with anything like this before so take my answer with a grain of salt, but according to this tutorial it looks like either you use the credentials that Arduino provides or some information a simcard provider will give you. There's also this article I found, which may be useful.

Thank you for the Article link it was very helpful still haven't figured it all out yet :slight_smile:

@frankdmayo Sorry to hear that. Is there any more information you can give about where your stuck? In light of the article I linked, it seems like you are in one of three situations currently: 1) you have an arduino sim card, 2) you have a third party simcard, or 3) you have no simcard at all. Do you know which of these categories you fall into?

Using the article you sent was a big help, and what you mention is exactly what I think is going on. I had a sim card from hologram in the mkr 1400 been there for a year or so., I had some Arduino sims that had never been activated as well. So I switched it out and registered the Arduino sim card. Can't up load the sketch but I'm thinking the card isn't active yet. I was able to get the information after I added a variable to the dash board that made a secret h sketch and the information I was looking for was found. Now just need to be able to upload the entire sketch to my Mkr board to see if it works. Maybe tomorrow. It said could be 24hrs before I receive the sim card is active notification. Waiting now.

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@frankdmayo Oh ok great! Sorry I misread your post as "haven't figured it out at all". Hope it works out.

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