Secure door

Hello everyone, I have a project to achieve but I can not. Could anyone help me ? Thank you in advance. ( Arduino Uno )

Simulation opening / closing one security door AS the following process: either: 1 button " push " 4 LEDs Red 1 Green LED 1 Buzzer 4 LEDs ON Red and 1 Green LED OFF = Door closed 4 LEDs Red and Green LED OFF ON = Door open

Initially, the door is closed . When pressing on the PUSH boutton , the red LEDs off progresivement a duration of 4 seconds in total and the green LED . After 5 seconds of opening , complete closing of the door .

Option: Pressing the button during the dimming of LEDs Red Resets the system ( door closed completely ) .

Have a look at the code in several things at a time. It flashes 3 leds using millis() for the timing and it also has a button. You might also like to look at planning and implementing a program.