Securing bluetooth connection between devices


I'm trying to put together a project where i have three synchronized wireless controllers connected to a single arduino which then responds according to the commands it gets from these controllers. In just having trouble figuring out how to get the controllers to connect to the arduino and make sure that no other devices can. My thinking at the moment is to assign each controller a specific ID and then get the arduino to look for those IDs and connect only to those. Any ideas?


Bluetooth is normally a 1 to 1 communication system so I'm not sure how you are thinking of using it.

Are your "three synchronized wireless controllers" also using Arduinos? If not what are they?

Are you responsible for writing the software on all 4 devices?

Do you have to use Bluetooth or would nRF24L01+ transceivers be an option?

...R Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Had a look into it, that seems like its exactly what i need, thanks!!