Security light sensors

Does anyone have any experience of security light sensors?

Not using them but building a transmitter that will cause them to turn on without movement. The data sheets seem to imply that they they use heat sensitive (pyrodetectors), tuned to a wavelength of a few um. And you need to cross two individual beam paths. So it surely is possible to have two transmitter heads a few inches/feet apart to switch in sequence to turn them on.

Any ideas on the type of device that could be used to do this? IR transmitters may be a different wavelength.

Sureley someone out there has the answer to this.

A couple of large area high wattage resistors?
Not sure what this has got to do with Arduinos though.

It is not clear what you are asking.
Is it just the lights you want to turn on with some sort of transmitter and not the pyro sensors?
If so it is easy just to replace the pyro's sensor input with a logic level input. If you hit both inputs at the same time it will turn on, no need to have a delay.

You want to fool the sensors on the lights into thinking someone's there, and turn on the lights? Wouldn't it be easier just to tap into the light's "on/off", and do it directly?

If the former, I'd start with two (or more) IR LEDs and switch them on in sequence, so that the sensor sees a source of IR "moving" across its field of view. (PS: Oops! Thank you AWOL (see next post)... I should have said I would TRY some IR LEDs, see if they would work. Wavelength could well be an issue, and they might not be "bright" enough.)

Whatever you do, I think you are going to have to simulate MOVEMENT as well as "heat". I suspect that getting enough movement, of the right "sort" is going to be a greater challenge than getting enough "heat".

I'd be interested to know if an IR LED would trigger a PIR.
I would have thought the wavelength would be too short.