Security System

OK, so I'm trying to make a security system of sorts where if something crosses an infrared sensor an email is sent to me, and led turns on and a camera starts recording. I am new to arduino but I do know java programming. Can anyone guide me on what hardware, software, and syntax for the code I would need?

Same as Java - break the problem down, debug and test the items separately.

Interface to (unspecified) infrared sensor. Interface to (unspecified) camera - this could be tricky, depending on expectations/requirements. Interface to LED (easy). Interface to (unspecified) network device. Combine all of the above, rinse and repeat until finished.

If you're comfortably with Java, you should have few difficulties, though you may have to give up a few luxuries.

You can use the Multi-Kamera IR control library, which can controll digital cameras or you can hack a camera yourself

To everyone I understand the basic logic but I have no idea of the syntax and hardware behind this. That is what I really need help with.

but I have no idea of the syntax and hardware behind this.

The syntax is ismilar to Java, so you shouldn't have any problems there. The IDE contains examples of the software components you'll need.

The forum is not an ideal medium for 1:1 teaching, so try some examples and come back with specific questions.

Ok so ive finally found the time to look at everything in detail and i think ive understood it except for the camera part. Thanks again especially arduinohabib and Quick5pnt0 .

My dvr has an alarm input so I have a small relay that triggers it to record in high quality mode.