See c++/c function when disassembling a hex file

I manage to disassembling a hex file with:
/opt/arduino-1.8.2/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-objdump -S -j .sec1 -d -C -m avr5 file.ino.hex

How can I get C++/C functions to be printed allong with the assembler so I can get something useful to analyse?

Something simular to this:

void foo()
f0 91 7f 02 lds r31, 0x027F ;*
06 80 ldd r0, Z+6 ; 0x06 ;*load function from vtable
f7 81 ldd r31, Z+7 ;move vtable pointer into Z
e0 2d mov r30, r0 ;

72 01 movw r14, r4 ; load color
84 01 movw r16, r8 ; load y2
96 01 movw r18, r12 ; load x2
40 e0 ldi r20, 0x00 ; load 0
50 e0 ldi r21, 0x00 ;
60 e0 ldi r22, 0x00 ; load 0
70 e0 ldi r23, 0x00 ;
8e e7 ldi r24, 0x7E ; load "this" pointer

Found it! I use the object file instead.

avr-objdump -S -d -m avr5 file.ino.cpp.o

The compiler listing of your code includes the machine language translation.

Hmm guess you can say so...

I was thinking that some kind of creation of C/C++ symbols could be made along in the compiler chain. And when disassembling of the hex file is made one could link in symbols file and get info about where the function is called etc. etc. Need to read more about how compiling flow is made up by Arduino IDE and the different file suffix.

Anyway I am satisfy that one can generate assembler from the object file for now.