Seeduino->Rainbowduino problems

Please somebody help.

I have a Seeeduino Atmega 328 and a Rainbowduino Atmega 328 and a 8x8 RGB LED Matrix but I cannot get them to work. I have tried mTX control but no success and a number of sketches found on but I am about to give up. One time I got the display to show 0, 2, 3... and so on with I think was Seeedmaster but I want some fancy patterns.. anyway...

On the Seeeduino, some forums are using the analog pin 5 and 6 and others are using digital pin 0 and 1. It is a bit confusing.

On the Rainbowduino, does it matter on which side you are connecting the SDA or SCL?

Is it enough to power the Rainowduino from the 5V on the Seeeduino?

The switch on the Rainbowduino, does it matter if its set to JST or not when you use the 5V power from the Seeeduino?

The switch on the Seeeduino close to the USB connentor, what position?

you did set the "reset" on the seeduino on "manual" right?

the side doenst matter.

are you trying to upload code, or does this work at least?

Thanks for your reply.

The "reset" switch on the Seeeduino is set to "A".

I have tried to upload several sketches and sometimes thay are going through but no action on the Matrix but most of the times they are failing.

Does it matter if I use TX-TX RX-RX on digital pin 0 and 1 or the analog pins 4 and 5 to SDA SCL? Or is this dependent on the sketch?

You have to set it to “M” (otherwise it wont work, atleast at my Atmega168 Rainbowduinos) and use TX / RX on 0 and 1. (If it doesnt work, try switching them) Connect also the RST to RESET on your Arduino and provide Ground and VCC from the Seeeduino to the Rainbowduino. Make sure your Matrix is plugged correctly :wink:

Try the Plasma-Sketch. Its so to say my test sketch. Did you define the Board type in the IDE corretcly?