Seeed 1.0 TFT LCD touch screen

Hello all! Recently I have acquired a Seeed 1.0 TFT LCD touch screen at radio shack. I wrote a program I like to call ROS (Ryan's Operating System, although its more of a GUI) and later found out that the TFT library I was using was out of date. Then I found it is supposedly not even compatable with my screen. I was wondering if anybody new anything of this. Also maybe making a pong game (hopefully with the new library for my "screen update" is merely drawing a rectangle on the screen) and some other interesting programs. Thanks!

Ryan -

Hopefully, my post is not too late. I just recently bought the Seeed 1.0 TFT LCD touch screen for my Arduino Uno. I am using the Arduino Rev 1 (any version should work) and I was able to get it to work properly with my Arduino. Are you using the correct library version? The new Seeed 2.0 TFT LCD touch screen did have a new library but the Seeed website still retains the 1.0 version. You can get the libraries at this link:

The example files included in the library should work on your screen. Let me know if this helps. Keep us updated on the status of your project. I am also planning some similar projects.