Seeed BLE V1.1 connect error

Hey guys I could really use some help with this. I just received my BLE but cannot connect to it with my Android phone or windows computer. The best i can do is get my phone to say paired. I’ve used numerous variations of code but nothing seams to help. My big picture plan is to use the BLE to receive a signal from my Android TABS and then turn on or off the corresponding relay shield. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EvoX: The best i can do is get my phone to say paired.

Note that, other than providing power, Arduino is not involved with pairing. Your problem may be just imprper connection between Bluetooth and Arduino but stay away from PC and stick with the phone to start with.

You might find the following background notes useful

You using a shield I'm not familiar with but, by virtue of it being a shield, I imagine it is configurable and, as I said, your problem may just be an improper connection. By that I mean configuration, not a faulty connection. Check the supplier's data. I would be disinclined to suspect the shield until you are sure the installation is kosher.

Once you have that together, you may find the notes useful for procedure. Note that this assumes your shield is configured to use hardware serial D0,D1, which is not necessarily the first choice of those Seeed guys.