seeed grove or home made experimenter boards

I am new to programming in general and also new to using micro controllers. I have a number of projects in mind, but what’s holding me back is the lack of knowledge on sensors. I stumbled across the seeed block system then the grove. My first question is: Are these modular sensor systems a good starting place for learning how to use them and are they worth the money? I am not afraid of soldering. In all honesty, a hakko fx888 was one of my first major purchases. One of my goals is to make my own surface mount and thru hole pcb's.

I’m curious if it would be worth spending 50.00 on either block or grove system or am I better off learning the circuitry and make my own experimenter boards.

I started off with grove and it really helped me understand the Arduino! I look back now and am glad I bought the grove kit because I probably would have lost interest if I did not have the ease of use in the beginning.

not familiar with the 'grove' stuff youre talking about..

but 'seems' to be a style/brand of break out boards for ease of use?

I purchased this a while back and love it:

gives a bunch of easy to use components for quick prototyping up a project.

if I need it to be more permanent.. I just get the components and solder up my own boards..but this helps for quick prototyping.. :)

I also suggest getting a slew of IC chips.. to help expand any ideas that may pop-up..