Seeed Motor Shield V2.2 programming

I bought 10 Seeed Motor Shields v 2.2 when the local Radio Shack went out of business, and cannot find any information on programming them in Arduino. Please help.

Hi, @kc0nfs
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If you Google;

Seeed Motor Shields v 2.2

You will be given links to many SEEED pages.
Look at this one, code and all.

Tom.... :smiley: :+1: :australia:
PS. Did you go to the Seeed site and look on the product page?

yes, thank you
I still need to read through it. Looks like good information, I will see if it will answer my question.
Thanks again,
Mark Randel, kc0nfs

Does this stepper test program work with 6 wire stepper motors? (4 coils total, 2 in series with a center ground, then 2 more in series with a center ground) I am using OKI Pulse motors Model # KHP-11M12 and KHP-11M10.

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