Seeed SIM900 GPRS (Ver. 1.4) - Web Server Problems...

Hi folks,

I've been trying to create a basic 3G GPRS web server, and I've been having some difficulty.

First let me begin by showing you the source tree of where I picked up this source code to enable my SIM900 to read / write easier:

Which I assume is a modified branch of Arduino's GSM code.

So, from there I had to make some modifications to the GSM.cpp source file because it was set for the SIM900 Ver 2. If you look at the GSM.cpp file, you'll see this:

//De-comment this two lines below if you have the
//first version of GSM GPRS Shield
//#define _GSM_TXPIN_ 4
//#define _GSM_RXPIN_ 5

//De-comment this two lines below if you have the
//second version og GSM GPRS Shield
#define _GSM_TXPIN_ 2
#define _GSM_RXPIN_ 3

I went ahead and modified the _GSM_TXPIN and _GSM_RXPIN to pins 7 and 8 consecutively since the board is in Software Serial mode, those are the two pins for software serial.

I run the server example here:

And the device opens up, it correctly reads the APN (which I changed to my own in the source) and then assigns an IP, then it just sits there on 'status=TCPSERVERWAIT'

I try to ping it, nothing I try to go onto port 80 as a webpage, and nothing.

It just sits there and does nothing. I dont know if I don't have a pin defined correctly in the modified GSM source tree, since I already had to change 2, I just need some help to be pointed in the right direction, this has become rather challenging for me.

Here is the page for the Ver 1.0 Seeed GPRS shield, it contains some specifications on it. If anyone could please help me and point me to the right direction, I will be very greatful.

One thing that I did notice is that every time I assign an IP, it's different. It's never the same for some reason.

What ips do you get? Are they localnet ips like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x?

SurferTim: What ips do you get? Are they localnet ips like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x?

No, since its 3G, it will be a public ip, and it's usually 30.63.x.x

Also, if you look at the repository tree, there are other examples, all of them work, including the web client. I can't ping it, but it definitely requests and opens up google. It reads's page as source through the serial output just fine.

So, uhh, what gives.

Well, I just found out that the SIM card I purchased from SIMple Mobile doesn't actually offer 'hotspot capability' so in other words, there's no way it could be a web server.

It does EVERYTHING else, just not that.

Welp. I'm out $40. But does that sound right? People who have used GPRS Shields before as web servers, I would like to know your input...

finally found a web server with sim900 work properly? regards

i have the same question, does anyone finally found a way to make a web server with sim900??