Seeed Studio Bluetooth Shield

I have an Arduino Uno and I am trying to use a recently purchased Seeed Studio Bluetooth shield with it, attempting to connect it to an LG G2(Android). I have loaded multiple programs to simply put it in slave mode and connect, but I have been unsuccessful(Yes, I have an SSP app). I think my problem here is that I can only power the shield when it is at an angle(see attached picture). While at an angle, this disconnects many pins that could be carrying a signal. Also, the things you plug in to the top of the shield to use the Arduino pins(I don’t know what they’re called) are extremely wobbly. I don’t know if this is normal or not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

. While at an angle, this disconnects many pins that could be carrying a signal.

I'm sure you are dead right about that.

It appears that you have bought the shield with the headers disconnected. It must be obvious that what you are doing cannot possibly be a good idea, and you are clearly obliged to solder in the the connectors before you can reasonably expect a result. If you are unable or disinclined to do the soldering, I suggest you return the shield for a refund and get something more suitable.

Indeed, in the light of all the posts of late on this forum describing the grief incurred by this shield, returning yours for a refund looks like a seriously good idea.

You might then trawl eBay for a JY-MCU bluetooth board for about $7, a $1 breadboard and some jumpers, thereby not only saving some money but also getting something you can easily come to terms with. Further, you will get plenty of support here.

Thanks for responding. I'm returning the Seeed Studio shield and am looking into other options. Here is one I am considering: Any thoughts? Also, will it work with my LG G2? The page makes it sound like it may not...

Any thoughts?

Yes - if you have the slightest doubt, stay away.

You know more than I do about your O/S but, more to the point, you could even be buying into much the same sort of grief you were probably going to get with the Seeed, and that has nothing to do with the Android. Further, while I guess BLE will eventually be the way of the future, I don't think it is ready for the real world yet.

What you need to do is come up with a well-researched and compelling reason to embark on BLE. Failing that, read the last par of my previous again.

Here is the best I know about BLE