Seeed Studio Custom Defined Libraries and Applications

To All -

For the past 6 months or so, I have been working on creating libraries and applications for the Seeed Studio TFT Touch Screen. As for the libraries, the purpose of these libraries is to give the Arduino community and myself better tools for creating graphics on the touch screen. So far, I have created libraries for creating geometric shapes, strings and buttons.

I have posted my code on the Github website. My user name on Github is rsk22.

Although my code is now ready to be used, I would still like to continue making improvements to it. Please message me if you see any errors and/or have ideas for improvement.

As for the applications, I have created and uploaded the following applications:

  1. Zap-A-Mole Game
  2. Touch Screen Keypad

All of the programs are documented using DOxygen. You can look under the HTML folders under my Github files for more details. I will continue updating the documentation for better understanding.

Now for a bigger and more important message...

This is only the beginning. I will continue working on building libraries and applications for the touch screen. I have some major goals in mind for my overall project:

  1. Refactor the libraries to support better readability, maintainability and safety. For example, I may separate out the drawing functionality from the libraries so that users can use this library for other touch screen devices.
  2. Add additional features to the existing libraries. These features include adding geometric ellipses, rotation methods, and more.
  3. Adding additional games such as the Puzzle game, hangman, pong, etc.
  4. Continue adding additional libraries and apps to minimize development time for Arduino users.
  5. Create a main user interface in which the user can select which app to run. This one will be tricky because of the limited memory on the Arduino Uno. However, I may use the Arduino Mega or an on-board memory device to help achieve this.

Constructive feedback on my current projects would be much appreciated. Also, I would like to eventually like to see some contributions from the online community.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoy the libraries as I put a lot of work into them. I will continue using this forum for providing updates on my projects.

Hi rsk22

Thanks a lot for writing this library.

Are there installation instructions? Can you provide a link to TFT.h? It is also not clear to my, how to install your library. Additional question: TFT.h is already part of the Arduino IDE. Is this the same library?

Can you also provide the link to the display itself.

Then: I did not found the code for Arduino-TouchScreen-ZapAMole

Good work and nice C++ Code Oliver

olikraus -

Thanks for the questions. This will help make things to be more understandable for the project.

You are correct that the TFT.h library is already included in the standard Arduino library. Actually, you will need Adafruit's TouchScreen library provided at this link:

For the actual hardware, I am using this touch screen:''_TFT_Touch_Shield_V1.0

Unfortunately, my camera batteries are dead and I do not have any replacement batteries yet. I will provide pictures once I get new batteries.

Note that the hardware is version 1 but there should be no issues with using version 2.

I will update the Github website wiki and readme files to include installation instructions. In addition, I will provide example files for the user as well.

Thanks again for your questions. I hope you find some use with these libraries.

One additional comment. When you download the files on Github, I provided detailed code documentation by using DOxygen. The html folder contains all the DOxygen generated documentation.

All -

I have made some recent changes to my Arduino libraries. These major changes include:

(1) Adding an Ellipse class to the TouchScreenGeometry library. At this time, I do not have a fill method for the Ellipse class. I will hopefully update this soon. (2) Added a RadioButton class to the TouchScreenButtons library. Currently the radio buttons have a pre-set size. I plan on updating this in the near future. (3) Miscellaneous refactoring changes which included updating comments, examples, and simplifying code.

If you have any questions, let me know.


I have made a lot of changes to my libraries and applications that you may want to check out. They include:

  1. Added the Sliding Puzzle Game
  2. General refactoring (comment updates, variable renaming, etc.) to libraries.