Seeedstudio Ethernet shield and MQTT

I've been tinkering with sensor network elements a bit lately. Recently got a Seeedstudio Ethernet Shield from "the shack". In order to get it to work, I needed to use EthernetV2_0.h instead of Ethernet.h. I have mosquitto running and I continually get the following from the mosquitto console.

1419462558: New connection from on port 1883. 1419462561: Client (null) has exceeded timeout, disconnecting

When I load the Ethernet example web server, the output is that the server is on however I can ping the device on the ip address I assign ( ). With the pubsubclient examples, I get the same from the mosquitto console...I still have to load the EthernetV2_0.h for it to connect.

I feel that there may be some incompatibility with the V2_0 library and the pubsubclient but was hoping someone could shed some light. I can post my code but even the example stuff doesn't work.

Thanks in advance, Dale

Just an update. I ordered a different Ethernet shield from Amazon. Link to shield and all my previous code works flawlessly. I didn't take the time to compare the EthernetV2_0.h file with the Ethernet.h file that is included with Arduino IDE but at this point I don't really care. I may revisit it later as I have 2 of the Seeedstudio shields. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

Thanks and Happy New Year, Dale