Seeedstudio Silkscreen Fab Requirements

Hello All,

I am prepping boards to send to Seedstudio.

I have placed silkscreen art on the board which extends outside of the board outline, will Seeedstudio crop this excess outside of the board outline or will it cause issue?

The artwork also places silk over pad in some areas, will Seeed's process prevent silk from being deposited where a pad is?


I can’t speak to Seeed specifically, but it’s never been a problem for me at DirtyPCBs, PCBWay or OSHPark - when I was less careful I used to end up with silk screen overlapping pads, sometimes I still do. It was never a problem. And I’ve had silk extending off the board with no problem as well. I

Seeed is my standard supply. I do my designs in KiCAD and quite often, I don't give a damn about the silkscreen, when the board is more or less a one shot for myself and I don't want to sit down and move all the labels to reasonable places (if there are reasonable places and everything isn't packed). That leaves labels outside the board area quite often, and that never was a problem, neither was silkscreen over pads.

I use Edge-Cuts for the outer dimensions and Margin for v-cuts (with the text "v-cut" on the same layer outside the board next to it). That always worked.