Seeeduino 4.2 installation troubles

Hello all,

I'm having some trouble installing the Seeeduino 4.2 board under Windows 10 with Arduino 1.8.13

After plugging the board in, Windows installs a generic USB serial device driver, v10.0.18362.1
Attempts to update the driver with seeed_usb_serial.inf are met with an error message: "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file"

The generic Windows driver works to some degree allowing the use of the Seeeduino board when selected as Arduino Mini, but it would be nice to have the correct driver that presumably then allows selection of the Seeeduino in the board list. I'm not able to see the Seeedunino board in the boards list and I can't find it using Board Manager at present either

Downloading and running a sketch and selecting Board Info returns: Board Unknown

I've also disabled Windows driver signature enforcement without success

Any thoughts about what might be causing the trouble? :confused: