Seeeduino and GPS Module

Hi all,

I’m still very green and new to all this - in fact nearly everything about electronics - I can wire a plug, and understand what diodes and resistors are but after that, I’m pretty much lost.

I’ve just bitten the bullet and bought the Seeeduino catalyst pack and am wondering if this:

Would be compatible with it?


I meant, this:

Yes, you should be able to connect that GPS receiver to an Arduino. You may need to use the SoftSerial library.


So the Seeeduino is an Arduino? The different names are starting to confuse me now!

So the Seeeduino is an Arduino?

It’s an Arduino clone. There are lots of them. The only official Arduinos have the word Arduino followed by a type. Other boards might sound like the end bit of arduino indicating they are a clone or copy which is permitted under the open source agreement.

Thank you. I thought that might be the case.

You gotta love open source! :wink: