Seeeduino Film, basic questions.

Does anyone have any experience with the Seeeduino Film?

Can I program it with this

I need to send serial data from the Seeeduino Film to a computer - what is the simplest way of doing it? would I do it via the ftdi chip?

The lipo adapter is too large for my project. Can I cut off the left part and solder my own electricity connectors to the flexible bus? Or would I need to build my own custom voltage regulator then?

Im thankful for any input


It requires a 3.3v FTDI cable or breakout board. The 5v board would be a bad choice.

There are two Ground pins and two VCC pins on the 20-pin connectors. You should probably provide 3.3v regulated power on VCC.

so could i for example just use the Vcc and Gnd of the serial port for connecting regulated 3.3 v?

Yes, that should work. The 3.3v FTDI cable or breakout board should supply 3.3v to VCC as long as you have it connected to a USB port. If you are disconnecting from the USB able (and I can't imagine why you'd use an ultra-portable Arduino tethered to a USb port) you'd have to provide an alternative source of power. Two AAA cells or a single lithium cell might do it if you are not too picky about voltages.