Seeeduino GPRS + Prepaid phone service

So I recently received the Seeeduino GPRS/GSM v1.0 board, and I haven't yet purchased a plan for it yet. I own a prepaid phone with the Tracfone service, but unfortunately the SIM card only works on a phone registered to it and nothing else - not even other tracfone phones, so needless to say, it doesn't work on this board.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any US based prepaid phone services where it is proven to work with this. I'm sure AT&T and Verizon work fine, but I'm not interested in having full plans like that.

I have a GPRS shield that I use for a device I built to sent me a text message when the power goes out (so I can make sure the sump pumps get power before the basement floods).

I use a T-Mobile prepaid SIM. I only need very occasional SMS messages, so the determining factor for me on what the best deal is happens to be cost vs. time until it expires, since I will never come close to using up the credits I buy. With T-Mobile I get 90 days for $10.

I did look at AT&T as well. They have prepaid plans that will work too. For my particular situation they weren't as good of a deal, but there are other situations where it would be a better deal. For example, if you need to send tons of SMS messages, AT&T has a plan for unlimited SMS for $20/month.

Either will work on you GPRS shield. Those are the two major carriers that use the GPRS standard (Verizon & Sprint use CDMA, which doesn't use SIM cards), but there are boutique providers out there as well. Any that use SIM cards should work.

Awesome thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. T-Mobile should work just fine for me I think - I intend to use a lot more data than you, but I don't expect to use up all the credits.

The T-Mobile offerings includes a 'gold' level whereby you pay $100 in one lump and it's good for a year. $20 less than $10/mo, so minimally cheaper, but at least you don't have to recharge the account every month.