Seeeduino NFC SPI library


I have just received a Seeeduino NFC shield. I have tried to download the Seeeduino NFC library however the library does not appear to be complete and despite unzipping the file to my arduino library file there are no examples appearing in the Arduino IDE. Has anyone come across this problem and been able to use the library? I am using an Arduino Mega 2560.

Kind regards.

I have tried to download the Seeeduino NFC library

From where?

Good point Paul! From here:-

The zip file at that link contains PN5232.cpp, PN532.h, keywords.txt, and an examples folder.

Where did you unzip it, and what did you get at that location?

Thanks for checking it out for me Paul. I couldn't see the .h or .cpp files or examples folder when I was trying to download it earlier. But when you confirmed that they were there I tried again and they turned up! Consequently I tried a couple of example sketches and have been able to read some NFC tags.

Good result, many thanks!