Seeeduino TFT 2.8" Touchscreen Shield Problem

Hello gents I have recently bought a Seeeduino TFT 2.8" Touchscreen Shield (no SD card reader) v1.0, downloaded the recommended libraries from Adafruit's website (TFT, Touchscreen, Adafruit_GFX, and Adafriut_TFTLCD[these are not the original names of the Libraries, the website recommended I change the names of the uncompressed folders to names given by the site]) and I'm running into a similar problem on both my Arduino Mega 2560 rev 3 and Due boards when I try to do anything with this screen.

I'm trying to run the example code programs. When I upload the examples I get a white screen and sometimes I get some slight blinking to slightly different shades of white or grey. How do I get it to the point that the example code works?

Thank you very much!


Did you download the V2 libraries for your V1 device?