Seeeduino XIAO HID Joystick (TinyUSB?)

Does the TinyUSB not have a HID Joystick? I was looking at the code, and it looks like it has a Gamepad, Keyboard, and Mouse, but I did not see a Joystick. Am I missing something?

My goal is to turn a Seeeduino XIAO into a HID Joystick, with 32 buttons and 6 Axes it possible.

Please advise, thanks.

Know that every helper, expert, professor or what, is a complete newbie to Your post.

You need to use a lot more of engineering in Your posting.

Mysterious codes found '"out there" is useless to forum.

I am specifically referring to TinyUSB. I thought that was clear my the title of the post and the contents of the post.

It is a question, does TinyUSB really not have a Joystick HID device support? My research indicates that it does not. TinyUSB is a very popular USB library that many people have used. If you are not familiar with it, I apologize.

I am looking for guidance on making my Seeeduino XIAO appear to the host computer as a HID Joystick. I don't know what else 'engineering' there is to give.

TinyUSB does not include a USB joystick example but is is capable of emulating
any USB HID device. I have not had time to try this example but it looks promising.

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I found a library that does what i need right out of the box. :smiley:

Well thanks for coming back to tell us!

Why did you choose the Seeed XIAO? Just curious, I’d like an excuse to need one…


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3 reasons really.

  1. The cost. At < $10 per board, they are very inexpensive.
  2. The memory and speed. 32K SRAM and 48Mhz is enough to do alot.
  3. The HID support. That is required for this project.

The low number of pins on a XIAO is not an issue for me because I can use one or more 8- or 16-channel muxes to increase that.

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