Seeeduino v1.0b release note - not an offical Arduino board :P

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Overview Seeeduino is Arduino compatible board. Its design is based on Diecimila scheme, 100% compatible to its existing program, shield and IDEs. On the hardware part, remarkable changes are taken to improve the flexibility and user experience.

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  • Inherits all of Arduino Diecimila's features.
  • Compatible to Diecimila's pin layout, screw hole and dimensions.
  • SMD components for cost reduction.
  • Improvement on extensibility and convenience.

What are the changes?

  • Duplicate digital IO to 100mil grid for prototype board compatibility.
  • Shrink componets height below female headers.
  • Easier access to buttons and switches.
  • Change Type-B USB port to Mini USB.
  • Replace 3.5mm DC power Jack to battery 2 Pin plug.
  • Reset and power indicator on RST button.
  • Auto-reset selection.
  • 3.3V Operating Voltage selection.
  • Pin out UART for FTDI232 bit-bang operation.
  • Pin out 2 extra ADC.
  • Optional capacitor for improving 3.3V output performance.
  • Re-route PCB

License & Credit This is the first open source board from our studio, we are proud to name it seeeduino. However, it is never going to be built without the great community. Thanks for everybody interested, offered suggestions, guidance or lift their concerns. Original Link here:

Seeeduino is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on Diecimila at

looks real nice :)

@ seeedstudio: congrats to your design decisions. i'm most curious about the 2-led button :-) why there picture of it in action?

but one thing: did you follow the discussion on the developer mailing list (about a month ago) about the pin spacing between digital 7 & 8 ? (i dropped out when i was asked to make my own boards if i like perf/board :-? ) i believe people tried to define an "official" transition to a new spacing. and since some argumented shields shouldn't be pluggable backwards, i'm afraid that your approach might not be what leading shield manufacturers have in mind. but as is stated, i don't know the outcome of this discussion. ... i'm more than fine with your solution.

best, kuk

Kuk- We are glad that people like seeeduino! I had looked into the thread and that's where we had the solution inspired. For your concern, there will always be alternatives and DIYs.

About 2-led button, it is fairly a nice one, but the batch we sourced has only one LED active. If we can't get the full double-Led version or its price is too high, we will change to some good quality common buttons with 2 0603 LED for Seeeduino 1.1 :)

You made the effort of using low-profile components but in reality the female sockets are still the same height as in the Arduino board, so besides USB B mini is more trendy than the regular USB B, are there other compelling reasons to use low profile components, like the ATMEGA168-AU?

I'm not quite agree on callling ATMEGA168-AU "low profile", it's SMD version with smaller package. There is no difference in silicon level.

Please address other low-profile components you have concern. We are happy to improve if you have better suggestions. More over, it's open sourced for modification per personal favors. :)

To be able to unpack, plug and use you should reconsider not to replace 3.5mm DC power Jack to battery 2 Pin plug.

By the way, how often do you visit your seeedstudio forum. There are some posts and PMs without answer.

Juan -

Here is a converter prototype for the plug compatibility:

It's quite busy these days, sorry for the late reply. Mailing to will get more instant response for urgent notification, thank you! :)

You are right. But that means that I have to build a converter to be able to use Seeeduino. If I don't have the required parts to build it then I have to go out, buy parts and assemble the cable. Well, you don't need to build the cable if you have a mini USB cable, but, if you don't (I currently don't have it).

What I like about Arduino is that it is ready to use. Like your Freeduino TH. You only need a USB cable or a power cube and you are ready to upload and test your sketches.

We will provide mini-USB, power convertor and many other acceseries. :)

jcgalvezv, how would you program it if you don't have miniUSB? If you don't like the design you surely don't have to buy one.

Franklin, don't get me wrong. In fact I like the design, but since Seeeduino is asking for comments I am doing some about what I consider important to me.

There are several USB connector types, some more common that others. I am talking about using the common ones.

Is not the same buying and using a USB flash memory with the regular/common USB connector than a one with mini USB. Don't you agree?

jcgalvezv: The board is not intended to plug directly into a computer like a flash drive would. You need a cable regardless of what type of connector is available. Right now, I have many more USB-MiniUSB cables around than I have USB A - USB B cables, since a mini USB cable comes with nearly every phone, camera, hub, bluetooth headset, etc that I've bought in the last couple years. I don't think the choice of a mini-USB connector is restricting in any way.

I second the motion.

Currently on a trip and all my devices use mini USB except my diecimilla. Had to take an extra cable just to feed my 'duino-diction. ::)

Nice pcb.

V1.1 is now ready for mass production, we take order here :)

Hey, I bought a seeeduino on ebay 3-4 days ago. You took the money on my bank account via paypal but I never received a shipping e-mail or a validation email so i was just wondering if the item is shipped. Thanks

Flow - Would you tell me the transaction ID or your user name? We usually ship items within 48 hours and there should be a notification sent to you when it is shipped. ;)

username: Keepon4855 transaction id: 220299311008

We have shipped the good on 3th, you should get them in the following week. Please check your email box for the record photo of your parcel.