Seeking additional information about Itead studio XBee shield


I can't figure out the real meaning of all the LEDs of that shield (

What does the "ON" LED stand for as there's a PWR LED elsewhere on the shield ?

Same question for the "ASS" (association) LED ? Is it supposed to be lit when the XBee board finds its mate ?

Also, how is (are ?) supposed to be set the jumper(s) with the indication "3.3V" and "JMP" when using an Uno board (thus giving 5V) ? Should they be left in their factory position ?

Well I have the board communicating correctly with its mate and the RSSI LED is lit while the ASS LED blinking. But the ON LED is off. Why ?

It might be also useful to other users to know that the "3.3V" jumper should not connect both pair of pins when using a board providing 5V (in the latter case it was the factory configuration for me).

Under the Downloads tab on that page, there are some PDF files. Did you look at those?
Eg, the schematic shows the ASSOC signal comes out of pin 15 of the XBee socket. You
can cross-reference that against the XBee module datasheet.

2nd EDIT: on looking at the schematic some more, it’s one of those documents where, for
the life of me, I can’t tell what is connected to what. Eg, what pins on the Arduino do Din
and Dout of the XBee module connect to? I can’t tell.

Another thing is, the standard XBee modules work at 3.3V only, and the pins are not 5V
tolerant. It looks like those disembodied resistors near top-right form a level-shifter on Din,
but who the heck really knows.

If I had this board, I would trace out every pin before connecting, better than blowing up
your $35 XBee modules.

I also have the same XBee shield. The datasheet and the schematic are absolute rubbish, they provide no useful information on proper operation of the device. I measured the Vin pin for the Xbee with a multimeter to make sure that the power supplied to the XBee was 3.3V. Anyway, with the factory default setup I got communication going. Below are photos to demonstrate the positions of the jumpers, this was on an Uno. Although there are jumpers on the “3.3V” and “Jump” pins, I think that in this position (i.e. horizontal) they are unconnected, but I’m not sure.

I'm happy I'm not the only one struggling with this!

I'm trying to get this specific iteadstudio 1.1 shield working together with a 3.3V Arduino M0 and an xbee s2c with 802.15.4 function set, so far not much luck.

At this moment I'm trying to figure out exactly how those 3.3V jumpers should go in order to keep everything at 3.3V, i.e. no level shifting back to 5V on the signal exiting the xbee.

iteadstudio support has been really quiet so far, which is a shame, because I'm quite happy with the shields otherwise (e.g. A0 is connected to RTS, which is pretty useful, and one is able to connect xbee din,dout to just about any digital pin on the arduino)